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Today Tuesday Shell Eco-marathon (SEM)

Shell Eco-marathon is an annual competition sponsored by Shell Company. It is held around the world and has been held in Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, the United States, and Malaysia.

In the beginning, Shell Eco-marathon was only a friendly match between scientists in the United States to find out who can travel the farthest with only one gallon of fuel in their tank. It was held at Shell research laboratory in 1939. At that time, the best record that could be achieved by the winner was 21,12 km/L. This match was repeated annualy and the results were getting better and better. Now, it is known as Shell Eco-marathon.

In Shell eco-marathon, there are some categories of the competition. First, in vehicle category there are Prototype and Urban Concept. Second, in energy category there are battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and internal combustion engine (gasoline, ethanol, or diesel). Prizes are awarded separately for each vehicle and energy category. There is also a competition called Drivers’ World Championship (DWC) where vehicles compete in a race with a limited amount of fuel.

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