Garuda UNY Team

2016 – Garuda Hybrid (GH-16)


Creative Technology:

  • Electric Booster
  • Electric Differential
  • Brake Over Travel
  • Singkronisasi System
  • Datalogger with Telemetry

Design Specification:

  1. Engine, Electric, and Power
    • Single cylinder 120cc engine
    • Rear engine Rear Engine Drive
    • Electrik Motor on Front Drive
    • Automatic Transmission
  2. Steering Brake and Suspension
    • Ackerman Steering System
    • Adjustable Toe and Camber
    • Disc Brake System
  3. Chasis
    • Steel Tube Frame Chasis
    • Analysis Chasis Rigidty
  4. Autobody
    • Carbon Fiber Bodywork
  5. Electrical System
    • Electronic Fuel Injection
    • Programmable Electronic Control Unit

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