Garuda UNY Team

Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi

College student as an agent of chance should be participate active in effort to prevention the energy crisis which is struck the worlds include Indonesia through the real action that is manifested in a creativity to answer the energy challenge in the future where all of means transportation that used should save of fuel, safe to drive, and especially environmentally friendly.  This real act held by ‘Kontes Mobil Hemat Energi’ or usually called as KMHE which is a National competitions and participated by college student from all over University/ Institution/ Polytechnic in Indonesia.  Yogyakarta State University through Garuda UNY Team has been participating in this competition since year (?) and have been getting some achievements.



  • 3rd Place Urban Gasoline


  • 2nd Winner of Urban Concept Internal Combustion Engine
  • 2nd Winner of FDR Reward


  • 3nd Winner of Urban Concept Class Motor Combustion Gasoline
  • 2nd Winner of Fun Race


  • 3rd Urban MPD Bensin
  • 1st Fun Race


  • 1st Place ICE and Transmission


  • 1st Place Urban MPD Gasoline


  • 1st Place Urban MPD Gasoline