Kompetisi Mobil Listrik Indonesia



Yogyakarta State University have been doing various reasearch especially in automotif sector of electric car, and it is already 4th times get the overall champion on ‘Kontes Mobil Listrik Indonesia’ competition.

This competition held as an effort to accommodate and increase the university students creativity in transportation technology sector, and to increase an aware to respond the global issues about living environment and energy that is reduce the GreenHouse Gas emission to reduce the damage of the ozone layer with way to create technology which environmentally friendly and reduce the fuel oil usage.

Based on the things above, the participation of Yogyakarta State University (UNY) on this competition which is since year (?) is as form of activity in participating the National Competitions as delegation of University, form of real effort of UNY towards Indonesia which is environmentally friendly and form of the college student contribution in electrical car technology development in automotif world and is a form of Yogyakarta State University college student’s caring towards the country or world problems.




Currently the price of fuel oil is more expensive and the reserves are running low and difficult to control for the future. Moreover, there is an environmental issue that is to be world attention which is contained in Education for Sustainable Development (EISD). This thing triggers development of electric energy usage in transportation systems as a substitute for fossil fuels, because electric energy is easy to be raised from various kinds of sources including from renewable energy sources.


Acceleration Category

Acceleration category is a category where the electric car at start position then runs along the track as far as 30 meters until the finish line.

Braking Category

Braking category is a category where the electric car brakes until it stops when the electric car reaches the finish line in Acceleration Category.

Gradeability Category

Gradeability category is done with counting the travel time along the route, electric car’s weight and its driver.

Slalom Category

Slalom Category is a category where the electric car from start position then runs in a zigzag manner along the track as far as 30 meters until the finish line and across the obstacle of police cones as much as three to five pieces.

Parking Category

Parking category is a category where the car is parked with a reserved parking position.

Potster and Best Presentation Category

This category is judged from presentment of poster that most interesting, presentation presentment, role play from the team during presentation, and the team ability in answer the questions from jury.

The Best Video Category

This is judged from the number of visitors and LIKE status.

The Best Driver Category

It’s judged from the drivers’ obedience toward the applicable guidelines and rules.

The Best Team Category

It’s judged from the internal team cohesiveness, behavior, attitude, politeness toward the committees, juries, LO, and among the others participants.

The Best Car Design and Technology Category

It is judged from the Vehicle Design Proposal with pay attention to creativity, the level of design uniqueness, and the level of advanced technology that is used on the car.

The Best Car Construction Design Category

It’s judged from the safety levels of car design, the way the driver drives the car during the competition, and an arrangement of components on the car.



  • 1st Place in Braking Category
  • 1st Runner Up of Poster and Best Presentation Category
  • 1st Runner Up of The Best Video Category
  • 2nd Runner Up of The Best Team Category
  • 1st Runner Up of Design and Best Car Technology Category
  • 1st Place in Best Car Construction Design Category