International Student Car Competition


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ISCC or International Student Car Competition is an electric car competition for students at an international level. This competition is held by KATRI (Korean Automobile Testing and Research Institute) and KASA (Korean Automotive Safety and Authority) in Gionggi-Do, South Korea.


This competition has been held since 2011. As the years have changed. There are additions and reductions of categories made by the committee. For example, in 2017 the autonomous category was added. Also, in 2019 the hybrid category was removed. Now there are two categories, electric vehicle category and autonomous car (driveless car) category. The electric car category is a race category with cars that use fully electric drive. Meanwhile, the Autonomous category is a racing category with a car that can explore its environment and move without human handling.

Each team represents their university as well as their respective countries. Starting from Korea, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Mongolia, and Indonesia. By presenting each team’s best car to be ready to compete. Garuda UNY Team has been participating in this competition since 2013 and become the only representative from Indonesia to compete in the ISCC competition.



In the near future, the supply of high-efficiency and clean vehicles will be activated due to environmental issues such as high oil prices and global warming due to the depletion of fossil fuels. In the world’s advanced automobile countries, hybrid and electric vehicles are commercialized and sold or are in preparation for sales. Therefore, Korea also supports the nurturing of human resources who will lead the future clean automobile industry to lay the foundation for the development of the electric vehicle industry by competing in good faith with creative electric vehicles that are the product of students’ creativity and ideas.


Acceleration category

Acceleration category is driving a vehicle with high speed to get the shortest time to reach a certain distance on a straight track.

The Gymkhana category

The Gymkhana category requires drivers to be able to control the car on a zigzag track to evaluate braking and steering.

Endurance category

Endurance category is a test vehicle for its durability in traveling for tens of kilometers.

Creative technology category

Creative technology category is an assessment of creativity and innovation applied in the cars.



  • 1st  place in the hybrid acceleration category
  • 1st place in the hybrid endurance category
  • 2nd place in the hybrid creative technology
  • 3rd in the electric maneuverability category


  • Best of the best Hybrid Category
  • The 2nd rank acceleration
  • The 1st maneuverability
  • The 1st rank endurance


  • Best of the best Hybrid Category
  • The 1st place acceleration electric,
  • The 1st place manueverability
  • The 1st place endurance.


  • Best of the best Hybrid Category
  • The 1st place acceleration .
  • The 1st place manueverability.
  •  The 1st place endurance.
  • Best Team Work Award


  • Best of the best Hybrid Category
  • The 1st place acceleration .
  • The 1st place manueverability.
  • The 1st place endurance.


  • Best Rookie Award on Electric Category