Garuda UNY Team

FOrmula sae japan

Formula SAE Japan (FSAEJ) is an opportunity for students to develop skills for object creation “MONO-ZUKURI”, which in turn contributes to the expansion of the Japanese automotive industry. This competition was started in 2003 as a public activity for self-motivated students to cultivate various skills involved with object creation, and as training for those who will one day play critical roles in the future of the automotive industry. Garuda UNY Team participated at FSAE Japan since 2015



  • 2nd Place Rookie
  •  1st Place Indonesian Team finished endurance
  • 4th Place Overseas Team
  • 5th Place Efficiency


  • 30th Place Overall


  • 4th Place Overseas Team


  • 21st Place Overall
  •  JAMA Awards
  • 13th Place Overseas Team


  • 2nd Place Cost and Manufacturing Event of Overseas
  •  1st Place Efficiency Event of ICV Overseas Team
  • 4th Place Presentation Event of ICV Overseas Team
  • 5th Place Efficiency